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Facility Usage Application

Simply fill out the following information.  Use your mouse or the tab key to jump from line to line. Do not use the enter key; it submits the form.

Your request will be processed, and you will be contacted by CER to complete your request.

Please allow five business days for processing.

To get a printable, hardcopy version of the School Usage Form, click here.

Please enter the facility desired:

Name of Organization:

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Arrival Time:

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Enter your purpose in the space provided below.

Will decorations, scenery, or movement of furniture be required?

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By clicking the Submit button below, the Organization agrees to:

1. All new groups and/or groups of 50 or more will be required to apply at the CER Office.

2. Participants will be under adult supervision at all times.

3. No food or drink is permitted in the facility (unless arranged prior to approval).

4. Groups will promptly adhere to arrival and departure times.

5. Groups are limited to only those areas specified above.

6. Organizations will be held financially responsible for any vandalism, theft, damage, or any additional hours required for clean up.

7. You are not approved unless you receive a permit.  Bring the permit with you to the event..

8. Additional charges will be required should an event exceed the scheduled time by more than one hour or if additional cleanup is required.  To ensure proper billing, a representative of your group must exit with CER Staff. 

Failure to adhere to any of the above mentioned rules may result in loss of facility use and can result in a fine or a loss of deposit and automatic denial of future requests.